Why Use Nittany Poured Walls?

Solid concrete is stronger than block! With up to 40% more concrete, and substantially fewer joints, poured-in-place walls are better able to resist the lateral pressures of the earth, water and wind, while also providing better support for vertical building loads. And, your walls remain straight and true, unlike precast construction that has a greater tendency to bow.

Control your costs by reducing construction time and reducing materials waste with efficient poured-in-place construction. Avoid the extra costs related to backfill and excavation frequently incurred with precast construction steps.

Time Savings
With a typical three-day cycle, using poured wall construction gives you a head start on subsequent construction steps.

Design Flexibility
Poured wall construction is adaptable to msot designs. In fact, you can even change at the last minute, unlike precast methods that don't allow for quick, late design changes. Multiple heights and wall thicknesses are easily constructed, even in the same wall. Patio ledges, bay corners and offsets are easily accommodated.