Welcome to Nittany Poured Walls

Offering our customers solid poured-in-place construction is simple, cost-effective, and saves times over block construction. Building with poured-in-place walls means you will be ready for finishing days ahead of block and frame methods without needing additional crew members, subcontractors, or specialized labor that increase labor costs. You can provide higher quality foundations that put you ahead of the competition while exceeding expectations.

Why Poured-In-Place Walls?

• Faster Construction
• Stable
• Higher Resale
• Year-Round Construction
• Smooth, Consistent Finish
• Versatile
• Affordable
• Low-Maintenance
• Fire-Resistant
• Energy Efficient

Weather is unpredictable and dynamic. Unlike masonry block construction that stops during inclement weather, including temperatures too hot or too cold, poured walls can be created during a wide range of weather and temperature conditions. Even in times of ideal weather, block materials can be scarce, thus delaying your production. The concrete used in poured-in-place walls is readily available.